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Friday night has blended into Saturday morning.
Dawn is approaching and the voices have become boring.
I'm not sure how long this will last
Until all the parties erode away the past.

Then you gently glide behind me,
wrapping your hands around my waist.
I love the way you hug me, this way.
I vaguely wonder what we will do in haste.

I know this feeling is superficial,
But who really cares?
I turn around, looping my fingers through your hair.
Your kiss is shockingly oh so natural.

You would think that time after time
This rush would have grown old.
Yet the flavor of whorish lime
In my current state is what I need to fight the cold.

Not a cold of physical disease
But the cold of a stone hard heart.
I fall on my back with the simple ease,
Bringing her down with me, unwilling to part.

The morning surely comes though.
When I wake, as always, the money is gone,
the whiskey gone, and I take a heavy blow.
I realize I have been left all alone.
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May 25, 2012
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