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Tell me what it feels like
to slowy fade away.
Let me know what it feels like
to be alone ever day.

Your eyes are the only truth you offer.
Your lips are the only part of you that doesn't move.
Your mind is the only thing of your's that this world adores,
But your heart is the only thing I want from you.

Despite the steele and flesh you use to hide it,
I can see through it all and your beautiful core, every bit.
I can see because I care to see
and with you by your side hopefully be.

The fear of trusting me is very clear
and your soul clenches itself to its steele, that is clear.
I hope that you will gaze into my heart as well though,
and see the love, the kindness, and joy that wish to care.

The same pain you have felt is in there
and I leave out my heart in front of you bare.
I will be who you need me to be
until the day I no longer breathe.
An old poem I wrote last year.
bllixy Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
3rd paragragh, last sentence is weird... But very good, expectially the beginning. Talk about a long time since your did on DA. Welcome back
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